Creating Your Magical Memories since 1997

Are you planning a visit to Central Florida’s theme parks? Since 1997 Gifts of a Lifetime has been planning private special occasions for visitors to the Walt Disney World area. Adults, children (age 5+), teens, brides-to-be, newlyweds, best friends, grandparents, life partners – everyone and anyone can plan a special event with our Gifts of a Lifetime Pixies!


Ask yourself these questions:

Are you looking for something that is romantic, lots of fun, or heartwarming?

Do you want to add something unique to your umpteenth visit?

Have you an idea of what you want but do not know how to pull it off?

Do you want a special present to be accompanied by the dazzle it deserves?

Are you hoping to create a memory your child or spouse will remember forever?

Want just the right magical moment to ask a special question?

Are you planning to get engaged?

Even without a special occasion, we can make magic from your dreams & our pixie dust. Your Gifts of a Lifetime pixies will create, plan and bring to life your event to make it a magical experience to cherish forever.


Ending to an event

Ending to an event

Just click on the button link to our Pre-Event Questionnaire page so we can learn what it is you are looking for and learn more about the person(s) you are planning to surprise. It costs you nothing to fill out the questionnaire for us to create an event for you. We will send you an event idea (or two) along with the price quote for that event. You decide if the event is right for your surprise and then contact us to book your event. If you decide not to book our event idea then there is no cost to you.

Let’s get started planning your event. From conception to conclusion, we care about your gift and strive to assure it will be the happiest giving experience you have ever had.

Advance planning and reservations are required. Many events need from fourteen days to two months advance preparation. But if you are visiting in less than 2 weeks and just heard about our services, please submit the questionnaire and we will respond right away with what can still be done with the time remaining until your trip.

If you have any questions, please email   logo-draft5

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