We do not create ‘birthday parties’ in the traditional sense of the celebration. Our birthday events can range from a happy birthday surprise gift in the middle of a favorite attraction to a scavenger hunt where messages are hidden all around the park just for your recipient to even more extravagant multi day ‘races’ inspired by a favorite TV show or pastime.Events can run the gamut from simple expressions averaging $295.00 to $385.00, to completely custom intricate presentations limited only by your imagination and budget. Hotel rooms and car rentals can be decorated. You can arrange for one of our Pixies to deliver flowers on a favorite ride. A special message can turn up at the most unexpected time. Perhaps a gift appears while in the middle of a very long line during a holiday trip. There is no limit to what can be imagined and created for you.

Children’s birthdays can be magical affairs involving gifts hidden by a favorite character. (The theme parks do not permit characters to participate at private events taking place in public areas of the parks). Let Gifts of a Lifetime make your occasion one that will never be forgotten.

We begin planning your custom event when we receive your Pre-event Questionnaire. From the questionnaire we will dream up the event ideas that would be possible during your trip. There is no cost to you for Gifts of a Lifetime to present our ideas to you. If you do not like what we dream up from your questionnaire just send us a “No, but thank you,” response or ask for us to give it another try. There is no obligation past that point.

Gifts of a Lifetime is not a part of Walt Disney World or the Walt Disney Company. Our pixies are not Disney employees. Gifts of a Lifetime does not do anything that would violate the policies maintained by Walt Disney World and we will not contract to provide gifts or services that would be against these policies.

Presentations: Gifts of a Lifetime, Inc.
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