Children’s Events

Whether for a single child, twins, your blended family of 6 kids or various children and their friends, a Gifts of a Lifetime event is a fun excursion within the parks to make your kids feel special. Birthdays, special achievements or just because, there is nothing like watching a child who thought he or she was ‘past all that,’ find that they have been chosen for some special attention in the name of their favorite character theme. What’s more, we can plan events without any interaction with our staff, keeping the magical quality alive for your children even when the event has ended.

Children’s birthdays can be magical affairs involving gifts hidden by a favorite character however Disney does not permit characters to actually be present at private events taking place in public areas of the parks. The price of adding a character to an event is massive when you understand that Disney will require you to lease a private venue for the meet and greet moment and those private venues carry minimum food and drink requirements. Our events are character implied and we make sure that for your child, this occasion one that will never be forgotten.

There is NO CHARGE for filling out the Pre-event Questionnaire or for our response. Once you have decided on a custom event and booked your date we will require an initial payment of $100.00. This holds the date and begins work for the event. This initial payment is nonrefundable. The balance is due 7 days before the date of your custom event. If you do not show up at the scheduled time and location for your custom event the entire event price will be forfeited. If a last minute cancellation is made due to illness and you contact us at least 4 hours before your event time we will apply that portion of the event over the initial $100.00  that does not involve perishable materials, to a future date for your event taking place within one year’s time.


Gifts of a Lifetime is not a part of Walt Disney World or the Walt Disney Company. Our pixies are not Disney employees. Gifts of a Lifetime does not do anything that would violate the policies maintained by Walt Disney World and we will not contract to provide gifts or services that would be against these policies.

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