From Christmas season to Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Winter celebrations and back to Christmas again. All year long you will find our pixies creating new holiday memories and traditions for your family visits, both at the theme parks and in your hotel room. Everything from custom egg hunts to finding a skeleton reading in your hotel bed. From decorating a Christmas tree to your specifications to gathering up all the clues Santa left to lead you to your Christmas presents in one of the parks- we dream it up for you.

Our pixies do not work on the actual holidays of Christmas and Easter but we provide events for both occasions all season long.

Start planning today. Fill out the Pre-event Questionnaire and make sure you have us respond to an email address that your intended cannot access.


Gifts of a Lifetime is not a part of Walt Disney World or the Walt Disney Company. Our pixies are not Disney employees. Gifts of a Lifetime does not do anything that would violate the policies maintained by Walt Disney World and we will not contract to provide gifts or services that would be against these policies.

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