Our Client’s Comments

For many years our clients sent us letters, cards and emails after their events and we copied them on to our website. Starting in April of 2012 our website is updated an able to accept comments directly from our clients. However this seems to also allow for spam submissions for products the internet robotic stuff, which come in at about 20+ a day, therefore I still manually add submissions.

Hi Jane – I am sorry that I’m just now getting to write this to you – we stayed in the Magic Kingdom late last night. I just wanted to thank you so very much for the incredible Event – Julia absolutely loved it!!! It was so fun for me and my parents as well (who were also in on the surprise) because we were just as surprised and delighted as Julia was as to how it all happened. I wanted to thank you yesterday after Julia opened her gifts but when I turned you and your fairies had disappeared – just like magic! I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to approach you and give up the “secret” to Julia either  so it probably worked out better that way. I just really appreciate all that you and your staff did to make this work so wonderfully. 

 I will happily pass along the idea of engaging  your company for any WDW surprises or celebrations people are looking to have, and I will definitely do  this again. We are probably coming back in November with friends so I would love to do this again for Julia and  her friend. She will love the chance to participate again. If you would like me to write something up about our wonderful experience to be posted on the Disboards thread about your company or anywhere else you would like, I will be more than happy to do so. I will send you what I write up before I post it anywhere and I will not give away any surprises (which is why I’d like to run it by you first). Thank you again for making our “extra day” so very special, and we can’t wait to work with you again!!!!

Kim Mackey

Hi Jane,
I would like to thank you and your team for arranging the scavenger hunt in Disney World for my family.  Everyone young and old enjoyed every minute of the event.  As you were aware my sister and I were the only ones who knew what was going to take place, and the others in our group could not understand how we had been chosen to have all the fun!  It was my 84 year old Mother’s favorite memory of the entire trip, her Tinkerbell figurine is proudly displayed on her fireplace mantel. You were such a pleasure to work with, you made the planning very easy for us.  We certainly would not have been able to do this without you.  Thank you for helping families like us make memories to last a lifetime!

Karen Collins

Hi Jane,
I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful experience.  Tiffany is still in shock.  You have no shortage of client testimonies on your website but we would be happy to give you one if you wish.  I bragged to all 300 of my Facebook friends about what an awesome event this was and where to find your website.  I definitely want to do an event with my kids in the future so I look forward to working with you again.


Thanks to you and all your pixies for making our latest visit to Disney World truly unforgettable. I have to admit: when you suggested my fiancee go on a EVENT DETAILS REMOVED TO MAINTAIN THE SURPRISE FOR FUTURE CLIENTS during our day in Magic Kingdom, I had my doubts. I wasn’t sure how it would come off, how my darling fiancee would react, or how on earth you could pull it off.

But pull it off you did, starting with the rose at the beginning, she was enthralled, enthusiastic and by the end  - was almost in tears she was so happy. Even I was surprised at how crafty you pixies are~  Thanks again for a fabulous experience

Chris Wattie
PS Yes, you can use this on your Testimonials page

Thanks to you and your special crew of pixies, the event was spectacular! Cathy was thrilled with the way you prepared the event for her special day to match her profile and personality, it could not have been any better. I will continue to recommend your firm to anyone who is interested in giving a gift to someone that they never will forget. Wishing you all the best in continued success. You really do provide an excellent service and we look forward to our next event with Gifts of a Lifetime!

 Best, Frank and Cathy Giordano

Dear Jane,
Thank you so much for the treasure hunt you organised for my brother, Owen, in the Magic Kingdom. Owen thoroughly enjoyed himself throughout the entire event, and I was thrilled to see him living out his childhood dream.  He was displaying the biggest smile afterwards, and was wishing we could do the whole event all over again – he was on top of the world with happiness.  We spent 18 days at Disney World, and your event was most certainly the highlight of our stay.

So thank you once again for organising such a great event (even the weather was perfect and the park uncrowded!)  I also really appreciate all the effort you put into designing the letter and clues – the special font, glitter, curling ribbon, and star tinsel was so pretty and made it all the more special. I hope you and your family had a happy holiday season.  All the best for the year ahead,

Alison Carriage

I am speechless! Jane, you and your pixie(s) did an INCREDIBLE job, as always!  I would’ve sent you a text, but I was afraid it would be too late.  My phone battery is about to die from taking so many beautiful pictures.  We’ve all been running around here for the last half hour snapping away.  It’s just GORGEOUS in here!  The stockings, tree, cookies — pixie dust in the toilet?!?  Omg – there’s NOTHING left out!!  I wish I could gush all day because you’ve made some memories for us that we will never forget.  My family has had SUCH a rough couple of years, and BOY did my parents need this trip – you just made it complete.

 If you ever need a testimonial, endorsement, sworn statement (LOL!), anything at all, you just let me know where and when!  I will sing your praises to the heavens!  Your pixies really do work magic!!  Yes, it may be a business, but it’s a business of and for the heart – truly! Thank you thank you thank you – a MILLION times thank you!!!  You have a fan for life!!! Merriest of Christmases to you and yours!!!

Amy, Jimmy, and Mom & Dad Duffau!

Hi Jane,
As I flip through some photos, I came to realize that I never got to thank you for this amazing event. My daughter still tells people how the princesses gave her a special gift in the Magic Kingdom. My wife might have even had a better time that my daughter did finding all the clues…..and I got serious points for begin the coolest Dad ever. This event made our trip to DW even more special and magical. I am looking forward to my next adventure with Gifts of a Lifetime.

Thanks for everything,

I just want to take a moment and follow-up with you regarding the event you hosted for me a little more than two weeks ago.  I was thoroughly impressed with your staff who executed each leg of the event precisely.  They demonstrated the utmost professionalism and took care of every possible detail.  In addition, the thoroughness of your communications and your attentiveness helped to put my mind at ease throughout the planning process.  I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a fun, creative, and exciting way to bring a new level of enjoyment to their trip to Disney World.  Thanks again for ensuring that every part of the event went flawlessly.  I would certainly utilize your services again as the experience your company created for us truly was a “Gift of a Lifetime!”

Best Wishes, 
Andrew Rhodes

Dear Jane,
A year and a half later I am writing again to say thank you and the pixies for the gift of a lifetime.  My sister recently passed away and at the wake my Mom and Dad talked about the special night they had celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with their three daughters.  You made that such a wonderful memory that we will all cherish.

Thank you,
Stacey Zink

I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you what a wonderful time we had on our anniversary trip to WDW in September.  We did a lot of very memorable things, but your Gifts of a Lifetime event was easily the highlight of our trip.  You do amazing work and there is nothing out there that compares to the service you provide.  You managed to make it just as memorable for me, even though I was in on all the planning and individual parts of the event.  You helped create memories we will cherish forever.

I would encourage anyone considering Gifts of a Lifetime to give Jane a call; it is worth every penny.

Thank you,

Brad from PA


I can’t thank you enough.  I’ve been coming to the Magic Kingdom for 30 years and you made this short trip, by far, the most memorable.  My daughter is still “floored” that Tinkerbell remembered her birthday on a day when the park was so crowded.  Her best friend had just as much fun.  I can’t imagine a future trip without involving you and your Pixies.  GOAL is right up there with Space Mountain and a Doal Whip IMHO!!!  THANK YOU!

Kirsten Barr

Hi Jane,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful event you planned for us.  Everyone enjoyed it, the kids were thrilled with it and most importantly Joanna loved it.  You were 100% right, she told me afterwards that at first she thought maybe the proposal was going to happen at the end but after seeing how focused it was on the kids she gave that thought up and it was totally unexpected for her :)   The nut at the end was beautiful and she loves it (sorry it took so long for us to find, haha).  And I loved that you placed a peanut in the box because it would totally be something I would think to do but would never actually do it because I know Joanna would have thought it was mean (but since you did it I’m off the hook). 

Thank you once again, it was something that surely made the day and moment magical, romantic and most of all memorable.  I can not praise you and your team enough for the effort and seamless performance.  I will highly recommend you to anyone I know that it looking for something just a little bit different down in Disney.

Thank you.

Dan Morrison

Jane and Accomplices….
Thank you so very much for the memorable and fun-filled day you provided for me and my friends.  The Scavenger Hunt we selected exceeded our wildest expectations.  It also made for an unforgettable surprise birthday for a friend that deserved it because she is one of the most generous people on the face of the planet.  She prides herself in knowing Disney World like the back of her hand, along with all of the services that Disney offers.  So to truly surprise her was not only a difficult prospect, but also something we desperately wanted to accomplish.  Without the help of Gifts of a Lifetime I doubt that we could have ever pulled one over on her.  So thank you from the entire group. The Hunt was fun, exciting and she truly enjoyed every minute of it.  In fact, we all did.  It was defiantly the highlight of the vacation and it will easily be one of our fondest Disney memories. We truly can’t thank you enough.  Great work and I hope we get the opportunity to have you lovely ladies help us again in the future.  I would highly recommend Gifts of a Lifetime to anyone looking to spice up any Disney vacation.  If I can help you get the word out or to help convince anyone that is weary of using your services I will be glad to do so, just let me know. Again, it was a pleasure working with and meeting you and your accomplices.

Lauri Cornelison

Thank you thank you thank you for our event on Saturday morning.  Everyone had so much fun and we saw parts of Epcot’s World that we might not have ventured into.   Even the limited rain didn’t dampen our efforts and all of us have been talking about the experience ever since.  Disney is truly a magical place on its’ own but your planning and ingenuity truly added another magical layer.  It was also fun that no one else has any clue that I was involved in any way.  I was able to add a sheet to the travel agent’s package that told us to be at the pin station at 11:00 so we go there without me having to give anything away. It was money well spent.  Thank you again.

Amy Madigan

Hi Jane,
Thank you so much for the great adventure. Kristi was blown away!!! She is still telling everyone about her “BEST BIRTHDAY EVER”.  I would have not been able to pull it off without you and your pixies. Thanks for doing that for me on such a busy holiday weekend. It really was a great time,a memory that will last forever. Please let me know when you will have photos of the Christmas trees you will be offering this year. I am so excited about planning our trip. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Kenny Godfrey

Thank you so much for coordinating such a fast and fun event to help us surprise my mom at Epcot!  As you could see from her expression, she had absolutely no idea that it was us.  We spent the rest of the Girls’ Weekend talking about how much fun the event was and how well everything worked out.  All of us (from 5 to 67 years old) thought it was the highlight of the trip!

 You and your team have had such a positive impact on our recent visits to WDW.  Every time I encounter a spot where we have found a clue, I reminisce about the feelings of the moment when the event took place.  Luckily for me, after participating in 3 different events and planning a fourth, there many special spots for me throughout WDW.  You should be very proud of the work that you do and the smiles that you bring to those around you.

Nicole Wood

We got home late Friday night and vegged yesterday.  I wanted to take some time today to let you know how amazing Tuesday was at Hollywood Studios with you and your pixies and photographer.  My family had so much fun and we can’t wait to see the pictures. My mother’s “biggest fan” was so funny we were laughing so hard that we were crying. Please let everyone know how much we enjoyed our day.

Everyone re-lived the experience for the rest of vacation and they are all telling anyone that will listen all about it.  I’ve already given your website out to a number of people who loved the idea of doing something like this. Jane, it was a pleasure working with you.  I’ll be contacting you next time we’re planning another Disney excursion for something totally different.  Usually that’s 3-4 years away, although my daughter and her friends will be coming back next year for their senior trip.

Lisa Procz

Hi Jane,
This email I regret is incredibly overdue!! You and your wonderful team helped to create the perfect proposal for my fiance and I last June on the beach at the Grand Floridian with an exciting treasure hunt. I cant begin to tell you how stressed out I was at the entire process, but after our first conversation, that stress was replaced by overwhelming excitement.

The entire day was perfect, once I figured out the best way to actually get Michelle down to the beach. :) It really was a gift of a lifetime being able to provide Michelle with a proposal story that she has been able to recount over and over and over and over again. There have been many an envious girlfriend, and many an irritated husband of a friend, because they hadn’t done anything nearly that extravagant for their brides. You made me a legend in the proposal arena!!

I do apologize for the delay in sending this out to you. After the proposal, we both were buried in work, then I had knee surgery, we went to China for Michelles birthday in November and of course have been in full on wedding mode. Our date is coming up on Sunday, May 25th. At the time, May 2008 seemed a million miles away, but it is coming up fast!!

I have recommend you and your wonderful staff to countless friends and relatives, and will ALWAYS continue to do so. I can’t wait to be able to find a reason to use your company again.

Have a wonderful day! Kind Regards,

Derek Schuette

Jane -
Sorry this has taken so long with the holidays and all but wanted you to know that you did it!!!!  He was floored and had no idea – when we finally got to the wishing well (did I feel like an idiot but you saved me there too) he was like “why is there a letter with my name on it on that bench???” He saved EVERY little piece (including the pixie dust which stayed with us for days) of his adventure and tells everyone about it when they ask how our trip was. You may hear from me again in the future as you and your “partner in crime” were absolutely fabulous Thank you again for helping me make a memory he will never forget at Disney. You ROCK!!!

PS – we thought we moved fast at Disney but your partner floored me J  Please thank her for me as well…

Pam Surovich

We just got back from Disney, and I wanted to let you know that Chuck LOVED his amazing race.  He said in the many, many times he has been there it was probably the coolest thing he has ever done.  So thank you for making this trip to Disney World a special one for him (especially on such short notice)!

 Bonnie Young

Hi Jane! I just wanted to let you know, now that I have a few minutes of time—- that my family loved the scavenger hunt and we will definitely be using your services next time we go to Disney as well. Thank you so much for making it even more special. ALSO, I have 3 different  ladies I am giving your name and info to–they are going to Disney this Spring (they are all different families and not related and not going at the same time).  They all want to do a scavenger hunt for their families as well. Everyone that asks me about our trip, and I am telling them one of their favorite parts-which was the scavenger hunt–and they all want your info, so be prepared for more business! haha Thanks again, and I will put your name on file for us for next time!


JaneAs usual, you are a true Pixie. What a savior you always prove to be. Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday.

- Sandy at Instant Impressions Travel Services

Dearest Jane,
Thank you SO much for making Christmas visit at WDW SO special for Judy, Cathy and Julie!!! I simply cannot thank you enough. The room decorations were FANTASTIC and I loved the lights on the balconies…how special! We actually gave the trees to 2 ladies that cleaned rooms at the GF that were not going to be able to have trees this year so that is perfect. We brought our Mickey ornaments home but left the plain balls and lights, etc. They just cried when we told them they could have the trees. That is what Christmas is all about…. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and I thank you for bringing such joy to so many people. You are just the BEST!!!!

- Lynda L.

Hi Jane,
I wanted to take a minute and write to you to express my thanks for the fantastic event you organized for my daughter’s 7th birthday. Kirsty truly enjoyed her treasure hunt and loved her presents, she still believes it was all done by Cinderella. It was a great and magical event for us all so a huge thank you to you and your helpers. Regards and best wishes for a happy New Year

- Annmarie, United Kingdom

If you’re considering GOAL, go for it! It was one of the highlights of our trip. We had some very funny moments, and the kids loved it. It’s the first thing they talk about when asked about our trip .

- Amy

I wanted to thank you, and your Pixies, Jane very very much for organizing that wonderful event for my Dad. It was really more than I could expect and it made both of us so happy. Thanks to you, I was able to incorporate the memory of my Mom into this amazing experience. Because of that experience, I feel even more emotionally connected to the happiest place on earth. From now on, every time I visit Magic Kingdom I will always stop at the places that were part of our event. I am sure that there will be more occasions to celebrate in Disney World and use your wonderful service. I greatly appreciate all your help, creativity, and wonderful talent.

- Lukasz G. Chicago, IL

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful event at EPCOT. Bill was floored that this was done for him and I really appreciated your creative ideas and help. I am recommending you to friends already!

- Melissa W.

Thank you so much for a great event! Taylor just kept saying how this was the best birthday ever! I was very impressed with the whole event! I wish I lived in Orlando so I could do what you do! What a great job to make dreams come true! I will definitely recommend your services on the DIS board and to all my friends! Thanks again!


I just can’t believe how great everything turned out….you all were so amazing! It was tough getting back to the “real” world today but we will always have a magical memory to remember our anniversary. Thank you for being a part of it. The best part of all was the amazement and surprise on my husband’s face because he is the hardest to pull one over on! I’ve been telling everyone about what you do…so I imagine you’ll be getting some more calls from my area!

– Lisa

Hi Jane,
Thank you so much for everything! We all had a great time and my husband was clueless. He thought I had picked the gift but I made sure you guys got all the credit.

– Isabel T.

I can truly say you do a “gift of a lifetime”. We still talk about this often. Keep up the good work.

– Glenda , Marietta, GA.

Hi Jane,
Thank you very much for the wonderful book and basket!! The book was so special and personal. You did a terrific job with getting in all the personal details. The basket was beautifully arranged and fun for Mason to go through. The event was great! I am so glad that we found your company through allearsnet.com.

– Marie V.

Dear Jane:
We just got home from our anniversary “get away”. Thank you for all your endeavors for our event. It was so nice to be able to meet you in person. You do a marvelous job. Thank you again for all your efforts.

– Sincerely, Ruth and Orville P.

Hi Jane,
I just wanted to thank you for the event you set up. Lexie was so surprised and it really made her day. I will definately pass the word to anyone looking for something different to do. If you happen to have a brochure of your services, I would love to have one to keep on hand for the future. Thank you again….it was great.

– Beate V.

We just wanted to thank you for helping to make Alice’s birthday one of the best ever. I didn’t realize just how fantastic the event was going to be and the bit in the Mansion was just amazing. I only wish you could’ve seen Alice’s face when the lights went up! I certainly will spread the word in the UK about Gifts of a Lifetime – you and your Pixies are all stars! Once again, many thanks.

- Carolyne & Paul Miller

Hi Jane,
Elena and I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you and your pixies did on our engagement. It was absolutly perfect. Elena loved every moment of it and agreed that it was the perfect choice. We will never forget that amazing day. Once again thank you for making our dream proposal come true.

- Andrew D. and Elena S.

Good Morning,
Thanks for all of your dedication to make my family smile. You are truly amazing!

- Sincerely, Francisco

I just wanted to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the wonderful time we had. Jill LOVED the whole idea of everything and had no idea what was going on. The family loved it, and everyone who has heard our story has either teared up or loved it or both…HAHA! Thanks again for a great experience that none of us will ever forget!!!!

- Christopher M.

Thank-you so much… My friend Linnea really loved her birthday. She says it was the best birthday very.

- Mary-Ann Allison

Hi Jane,
I just want to say thank you so much for a wonderful memory in WDW. You worked hard and it showed. The room decoration was awesome! It really made for a magical display when we finally got back to the room Tuesday night. My Mom was so taken aback when she opened the door to the room. She said it was just like something out of a fairy tale. You did a wonderful job! And the Hidden Mickey hunt was so well done. My son had so much fun that he just kept saying, “you are so lucky, Grandma….you are so lucky”. He thought the event was the coolest thing ever. I have a feeling we’ll be using your service again to surprise the kids with their own little treasure hunt. Thanks for everything!

- Kelly

Thank you! Kimberly was completely surprised! It was awesome to see her face light up! Thanks,

- Mike

Hi Jane,
Well I am back at home and just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much we loved everything you put together. Sue can not stop talking about it and telling all her family and friends!

- Brian

Thank you for creating such a wonderful experience for my sister’s 30th birthday. We experienced Magic Kingdom in a new way! I appreciate all the hard work that was put into it. Thanks!

- Heather D

I just wanted to send a message to tell you that the event on November 11th was AMAZING! I never imagined how much fun & different the event would be! Again, thank you so much! I will be referring you to anyone looking to do something special for someone on their trip to Disney!

- Kindra W.

If you are a client posting comments about our services PLEASE do not describe your event in detail so as to preserve the surprises for any future clients who could be reading your words. Gifts of a Lifetime reserves the right to remove or edit any comments that give away too many event details.

13 Responses to Our Client’s Comments

  1. Bill Wood says:

    Hi Jane,

    I just wanted to say THANKS again for a wonderful time on June 23. The AMAZING race was truly AMAZING. My family coulnd’t stop talking about the event during our entire 10 day stay at WDW. My wife guessed I was behind this very early on, but our kids had no idea until the very end.

    Thanks again !!!

    Bill Wood

  2. The Conway family and friends says:

    Hi Jane

    Thank you SO MUCH for our treasure hunt in EPCOT! The whole family enjoyed the event and kept sprinkling the pixie dust on each other the rest of our holiday!! The gifts were lovely and we all saw more of EPCOT than we’d seen before!

    Kathryn and family :)

  3. Chelsea says:

    Thank you so much for the scavenger hunt this past October! It was amazing!!! My husband was so surprised! We loved trying to figure out the clues. We had a lot of fun. It was a great way to start our trip!!!

    Thanks again!

  4. Laura Martin says:

    Dear Jane,
    Sorry its taken my so long but I wanted to say Thank you. My husband Ray said it was the best Birthday he had ever had. We all had fun looking for clues and he enjoyed he’s gift certificate. He saved everything . Ray has told anyone that asked about our trip about the scavenger hunt. It was the only day that was a great success. After the scavenger hunt. Everyone in our group started getting sick. Thank you so much for helping me surprise my husband . He was shocked and enjoyed everything. You will be hearing from me soon since my older son wants us to come back so you can help him surprise in girlfriend with a great engagement memory.
    Laura Martin

  5. Melissa Merlino says:

    You guys are amazing! Thank you for helping my husband pull of the amazing scavenger hunt & vow renewal in the Magic Kingdom. I was SO surprised and it was so much FUN! You helped make it a vacation/valentine/birthday I’ll never forget!

  6. Wally says:

    I was just reminiscing today about our wonderful engagement event you planned for Tiffany and me and I’m grinning from ear to ear. Almost 2 years later and I sill cannot fully express my gratitude. I so look forward to working with you and your pixies again some time.


  7. Mike Anderson says:

    I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me give my Wife a great 50th birthday. it was just over a month ago but she is still talking about it like it was yesterday. She tells everybody what a great time she had. You really made me look good!

    Thank You,

  8. Jaeson Weber says:


    I am truly thankful for all the help GOAL was for accomplishing what I would call, a perfect proposal! From the begining stages of planning to the execution everything worked out absolutely perfectly and was everything I wanted for my Fiance. It will be a memory we both will never forget. Thank you so much!


  9. Torrie says:


    I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful scavenger hunt that you planned for my mom’s birthday! The smile on her face throughout the event made it all worth it and I would not hesitate to do this again! She absolutely loved it and said it was so much fun and the best birthday she has ever had. It was so unique and we both loved it! Thanks again!


  10. Dustin says:

    I had GOAL do an event for my proposal last week at Magic Kingdom. Jane was able to fit me in on my preferred date/time even though I was late booking. The scavenger hunt was extremely well done and so much fun! This was so much better than anything I could have thought of, and it involved both of us and was really something to remember forever. I am so happy I did this; it’s a great value and I highly recommend to anyone thinking about it. Thank you to Jane and GOAL. Hope to do another one for an anniversary :)

  11. Gene Barnes says:

    Jane and her crew of pixies does such a excellent job, she planned the event from beginning to end. I was so amazed with the whole event, I was even 40mins late do my girlfriend and the crowd but they were just so helpful and understand that I wish I could do this all the time. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for finding my pixies.

  12. Jilli says:

    I contacted Jane about an event for my sister’s birthday and it was a HUGE success. My sister was so overwhelmed with all the special touches that she said it felt magical. I can’t thank Jane and her pixies enough for the superb job they did with my sister’s birthday surprise!

  13. TJ says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful event you put together for Cara. She saved every little momento that was provided during the adventure. You certainly made the proposal feel one of a kind, which was exactly what I wanted to give Cara! Thanks again to you and your pixies, I’ll certainly be recommending your service!

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