Pre-Event Questionnaire

Our Pixies will need some time to create and customize your event, so it may be several weeks or even before you receive a full reply. We work on event questionnaires in the order in which they are received. We are currently replying to questionnaires for events for April 2018. If you are requesting an event for a date in January, February or March, please email first to make sure your date is available. 

If you receive an error message when you submit the questionnaire, there is a good chance it was actually received, so please email before you re-submit. As soon as we can, we will verify if the questionnaire came through. 97% of the time I will already have it in my mailbox.

If you have any questions, please ask. If you have not heard from Gifts of a Lifetime and it is more than a month since you submitted your questionnaire, please e-mail to confirm we received your questionnaire when you submitted it. If your email address is spam protected please make sure you allow emails from the above address. Due to the incessant robo-calls and sales calls, we have disconnected our land line. The cell phone number is given to booked clients. Once I set up an internet based number for messages, I will post the number here. 

Please take the time to reply to our event ideas, even if your response is a ‘no, thank you.’ A response is appreciated more than silence. Individuals that do not give us the courtesy of a reply to the event idea presented to are blocked from submitting any questionnaires in the future.

Our events start at $345.00 and average between $375.00 and $445.00. 

Responding to requests and creating custom ideas is a time-consuming process. If you are window shopping and not intend to consider booking an event, please do not submit a questionnaire. We will be happy to hear from you when you are ready to commit to a date.

 We do not offer vow renewals. We will only stay within the guidelines permitted to all Disney guests and will not offer services that are outside of those guidelines. We are not a part of the Disney company. You must go to Disney’s Fairytale Weddings for all weddings and vow renewals. 

The information you provide by answering the questions below is used ONLY to help us plan a creative event for you. We do not share or sell this information to any person or entity for any purpose and we do not use the information to market to you in the future.

**MAKE SURE THAT YOU ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS CORRECTLY** If the address entered is invalid your questionnaire will be deleted from our system. We will not attempt to contact you by phone if your email is incorrect. Please remember: if you are planning a surprise, use a return email address that is safe from prying eyes.

Your Name

Your Email Address ((Valid email required to process))

Safe Phone#

What website led you to GOAL

Event Recipient Name

Date you are requesting - Please write out MONTH - DAY - YEAR

Occasion or Celebration (if any)

How Many People will be in your group?

What is Your relationship to recipient? (Wife, partner, friend, sibling, parent, boyfriend, etc)

Tell us about the Recipient:


 Male Female Multiple People

Relationship Status

Any health or mobility issues we need to be aware of?

Is the Recipient shy or outgoing?

Does Recipient like to be the center of attention?

What is their typical response to gifts, surprises and parties?

Do they have a favorite TV show or genre?

Do they have a favorite Movie

What is Recipient's favorite Color?

Favorite way to spend a weekend? Travel Interests?

Hobbies or other interests that might help us customize the event theme

Has anything happened recently that may hinder the recipient's perspective of this occasion such as death of a loved one, illness, life's personal complications?

Has Recipient expressed any wishes regarding this occasion?

Tell us what you are hoping to achieve with this gift of a lifetime

Favorite Disney Characters:

Favorite Disney Movies/TV shows

Favorite Theme Park (we do not offer events in Disney's Animal Kingdom Park)

Hotel where you will be staying

Give an example of something Disney the recipient hates: ( lines, heat, strollers)

Can you share a favorite Disney Moment?

Is there any other information you would like to share with us to help us plan this gift/event?


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